About Us

Drive-A-Matic Ltd started in 1974 with just six vehicles. Today we operate in three counties (Antigua and Barbuda; Barbados; Saint Lucia) with over 500 vehicles. Our fleet includes small cars, fully loaded sedans, jeeps, large vans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and luxury vehicles.

We offer services such as:
  • Free delivery and pick-up to all Ports of Call, Hotels and Guest Houses.
  • Free Route Planner and Road Maps.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service, from a flat tyre to a vehicle emergency one of our agents will be there to assist within the hour (available in select countries).
  • Unlimited Mileage.

In the future we plan to continue our expansion throughout the eastern Caribbean. Our goal is to be your one stop shop in the region for car hire, extending the quality and service that our clients have been accustomed to throughout the region. We offer attractive wholesale rates and are committed to client satisfaction.